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Our farming practices begin with respect for the soil.  Soil covers only a small part of the earth, and what we have has been built up over millennia to become the life-supporting substrate that we can grow food in. 


Anxiously waiting for our crisp delicious carrots? Or our yummy golden beets? Check out our produce page to see what can be expected at our next market. 


Supplying people with food by farming in a way that respects and draws upon natural systems nurtures our own sense of purpose and belonging.


Our commitment to quality soil and produce comes from the values and farming traditions that were instilled in us from our family histories. 


"Last year I started shopping at sundog for my weekly produce and have learned so much from Jenny and James about eating nutritiously and deliciously."



Jenny’s art career is fueled by the botanic and agricultural beauty that is part of her every-day. Check out her work.