What does it mean to be an Organic Farm?

Organic production is a holistic system designed to optimize the productivity and fitness of diverse communities within the agro-ecosystem, including soil organisms, plants, livestock and people. The principal goal of organic production is to develop operations that are sustainable and harmonious with the environment.
— National standard of Canada CGSB-32.310-2015

Our produce is certified organic.  This means any substance or method that we incorporate into our practices to grow the food that ends up on your table needs to meet the standard set (see: CAN/CGSB-32.311-2015). 

This means that there is a community of people out there making it easy for farmers’ customers and customers’ farmers to connect and to choose a food system that respects other organisms, the integrity of planet earth, and ourselves.  Buying organic food makes you part of this community.

Being a certified organic farm means that there is no use of synthetic chemicals on plants or soil as well as the utilization of systems that mimic natural systems.  When chemicals are applied to plants and soil, there is a loss of soil integrity as well as health risks to both humans and a broad spectrum of living organisms.

We farm organically out of a loving response to creation.  Supplying people with food by farming in a way that is respectful and draws upon natural systems nurtures our own sense of purpose and belonging.